A range of welding supplies

Whatever you need for welding, we can stock it

Essential welding supplies

A welding setup is no good without essential supplies to keep it going. We stock a wide range of high-quality welding supplies, spares and consumables to keep your equipment going.
We stock:

  • MIG welding wires
  • TIG welding rods
  • A range of fluxes (silver, brazing, gas etc.)
  • Arc welding electrodes
  • Spares for torches (MIG, TIG and plasma)
  • Earth clamps and electrode holders
  • Regulators and flow meters
  • And much more

Is your welding machine on its last legs?

If you think your welding machine is past its prime, we stock a range of brand new machines, which we are more than happy to demonstrate to you. We are able to supply you with the information you may need to decide on your new machine.
Mike Marchant is more than happy to chat through all the options available to you and offer any advice needed.

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